Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello. My name is Julia and this is my first try at blogging. I've read very few blogs in my time so I haven't much to compare to, which is a good thing I suppose. After all, to be one's own "blank slate" can be ones own comeuppance. I have a deep love and appreciation for many things, but writing is the outlet with which I am most deeply connected. When I am writing I am meditating. When I am inscribing my thoughts onto something semi-permanent I find my "true self." The self I know that lies within the darkest depths of my soul. The self that is imprinted upon my physical body. The self that lies waiting.
I find this connection with my true self in one of two ways, the aforementioned and yoga. Through yoga I have discovered that I indeed have self-control and possess the ability to practice self-discipline. This discovery has been reviving and encouraging. My soul often exists in a state of unrest, which I am trying to combat with as much cardio, yoga, and healthy expression as possible. More cardio always helps, of course.
In my blog posts I don't intend to tell you my age or my particular hair color or what level of education I have achieved thus far in my life because I don't believe that any of these elements warrant a fair judgement of who I am.
My belief of my human state is this--
I believe I am a light being that has been manifested on this planet in a humanoid mobile observation unit for the sake of either my own "soul" or the "souls" of other beings that take up residence in this particular physical realm. I have faith in the universe because the universe proves its perfection in its divine marriage of chaos and order. Words flow from me now as I believe I am connected with my higher consciousness.  
Do you think its possible for the collective consciousness to manifest itself into one human being? A global perspective, I have always theorized. If we could all but see that there is only One consciousness that is fragmented into seemingly separate but equal parts. Like the thousand segmented eyes of a fly, each ommatidium having its own private nerve ending connecting to a single optic nerve. It all comes from one source, and that is everything that the multiverse is made of.
Anyway that's all for now and I look forward to our next meet. I'll be thinking and breathing 'til then. :D cheerios!

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